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I heard this song at a peace demonstration in 1963, and jotted down the lyrics, but do not know its composer or origin; nor have I found it on the Internet. If you know, or if it is yours, give me a shout. gene.keyes A~T gmail.com

The Mean Old Pacifist
Lyrics + MIDI

[composer unknown, ca. 1963;
simple MIDI sequenced by Gene Keyes (from memory) cc. 2008]
Update 2015-05-30: When I first uploaded this in 2008, the MIDI file was embedded and could be played with a browser plug-in. That no longer seems possible in recent browsers, so instead I have enabled it with a JavaScript which does not require a plug-in:

If you want to download the 2 KB MIDI file separately, its URL is http://www.genekeyes.com/MeanOldPacifist.mid.

I am a mean old pacifist; I think the world's diseased.
The sooner you all kill yourselves, the sooner I'll be pleased.
I don't like racial prejudice in any form at all;
Yankee, Russian, white or tan, I hate you one and all!

Oh, I've walked for peace, I've struck for peace,
And been hit on the head;
I've been in jail without no bail,
And called a God damn red.
So now I'm sitting in a cave; I've stocked it pretty well;
And all you damn warmongers, you all can go to hell.

I've worked my fingers to the bone, signing pleas for peace;
Carried signs to ban the bomb, and run from the police.
And then one day I looked around, and suddenly realized
There's not a one of you SOB's who ought to be alive!


I do not like the Russians with all their cutthroat band;
And for these great United States, I do not give a damn.
Soon will come a mighty flash that brightens up the night.:
I'll slap my knee and shout with glee, it serves you bastards right!

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