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World Politics and Strategic Nonviolence
Articles and papers by Gene Keyes
updated 2014-10-05

My senior thesis, and doctoral dissertation, focused on aspects of strategic nonviolence in world affairs; these are some related or derivative items, in two categories:

I) Ideas for nonkilling military forces

II) Ideas about civilian nonviolent resistance

(My M.A. thesis, 1973, was on world map design, elaborated elsewhere in this website.)

I) Ideas for nonkilling military forces

"Force Without Firepower: A Doctrine of Unarmed Military Service"
(CoEvolution Quarterly [later, Whole Earth Review], #34, 1982 Summer) p. 4-25. A 2.2 MB pdf with illustrations. [Thanks to Howard Rheingold and Whole Earth Review Special Collection at OSS.net.] Condensation of my senior thesis (1971) at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.
Compiles many ideas and precedents for unarmed military forces.

To Give Life: A Nonkilling Military: Precedents and Possibilities
Extensively revised and updated version in 2014 of ibid: now a 70 p. monograph, incl. 8 illustrations, some in color; and 32 p. annotated reference list (many items linked online, unlike pre-Internet publication).

(Above is HTML link to the main pdf, http://www.genekeyes.com/To-Give-Life.pdf )

"Peacekeeping Buffer Action by Unarmed Forces" (Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research, Volume V, Numbers 2 & 3, Fall, 1978, p. 3-11
Elaborates on one aspect of a peacekeeping mission for unarmed forces.

"World-Wide Rescue"
(Policy Options, 1984-07) p. 27-28.
Advocates that Canada help form a middle-power Humanitarian Alliance Rescue Command, 75,000 strong, balanced among East, West, and Non-aligned nations.

Mercy Force: "Big Human Needs Cry for Big Answers" (USA Today, 1992-02-24) p. 7A
Focuses on humanitarian and rescue missions for unarmed forces.

II) Ideas about civilian nonviolent resistance
"Strategic Nonviolent Defense: The Construct of an Option" (Journal of Strategic Studies, 4 / 2, 1981-06) p. 125-151. Reformatted in HTML.
Condensation of my 1978 doctoral thesis at York University, Toronto; offers a newer theory of national nonviolent defense, based on morale. Refers to Denmark's resistance during World War II.

"Stalin's Finland Fiasco: Nonviolent Defense Clues From the Winter War" (Crossroads: An International Socio-Political Journal, Number 17, 1985) p. 27-58. Reformatted in HTML, with extra material and maps.
Military defense and world power-politics saved Finland from a Stalinist puppet regime in 1940. Nonetheless, the Finnish experience is compatible with a morale-oriented theory of strategic nonviolent defense against imposition of an alien government.

"Heavy Casualties and Nonviolent Defense" (Philosophy and Social Action, 17 / 1 & 2, 1991-01/06) p. 71-88. Also, see introduction by Brian Martin. [Thanks to Brian Martin, http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/pubs/peace.html#lead.]
Addresses the fear that someone might get killed if a nation opts for nonviolent defense. Indeed! It must be expected. How is that different from any side in a conventional military struggle?


Peace: The Big Picture
"Bucky and Pick: Two Grand Designers of a World Without War" (1970 typescript, review-essay on Buckminster Fuller and Robert Pickus; reformatted in HTML) 32 p., incl. 66 item bibliography.
Compares two grand-strategy thinkers about world peace. Bucky Fuller promoted "livingry" over "killingry". Pickus was a co-author of the 1955 Quaker pamphlet, Speak Truth to Power.

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