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World Second Language, Esperanto

Esperanto is the international second language for all countries, first published in 1887 by Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof; now with hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Here are some contributions I have made:

1) My reprint, online or paper, of the original version:

Click here to read the entire HTML version of this 50-page classic:

or the pdf version.

Dr. Esperanto cover

2) My science-fiction romantic-comedy novel, in English and Esperanto:
33 chapters, 220-page equivalent. In HTML; free.

English and Esperanto versions are in adjoining columns. Even if you don't know Esperanto, you might enjoy getting a little flavor of it this way.

To read the online HTML version, click here for Contents.

To read it offline, download the HTML-zip version. The zip file is about 1 MB, and expands to about 3 MB. Be sure to follow the "Read Me" instructions.

The Me Clone / La Mi-Klono, cover

3) My Christmas carol translations: a set in progress; twelve so far.
English and Esperanto, line-by-line, with melody score. (Plus original language, if applicable.)  Click here for contents:

Yuletide Carold / Jula Karolaro

4) An Esperanto library catalog I compiled for Libraro Ludovika: ca. 2,000 titles
(1995: originally in Halifax; relocated to Calgary.)

Click below to read the catalog of Libraro Ludovika, North America's second-largest Esperanto library. Collected by Dr. Stevens Norvell Jr; indexed by GK:

Enkonduko (Introduction)
Katalogo (Catalog)

(Both in Esperanto.)

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