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Cahill's Butterfly World Map:
promotional pamphlet, ca. 1920
Here is an eight-page pamphlet by B.J.S. Cahill, n.d., ca. late 1919 or early 1920, promoting the virtues of his Butterfly World Map. It comprises
(a) descriptive material and pictures, front and back pages;

(b) reprints of two of his illustrated articles, deprecating the Mercator map;

(c) three pages of blurbs from prominent geographers, educators, and personages of the day (including two by John Paul Goode, who went on to perpetrate the Homolosine three years later).
Scanned by Gene Keyes into eight jpegs
9" x 12" (22.8 x 36 cm) original provided by B.J.S. Cahill Collection,
Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley.
Being averse to small print, I cropped its margins
and enlarged the content to 142%
(on my monitor; yours may vary).

Cahill pamphlet, cover

[This article appeared in the journal Pacific Marine Review, v. 16, 1919-08, and was abridged in Literary Digest, 1919-09-06.] --GK
p.2: The World's Air and Ocean Routes

p.3: Mercator Map compared to Cahill Butterfly Map

p.4: Butterfly Map, comments & opinions, 1 of 3

p.5: p.4: Butterfly Map, comments & opinions, 2 of 3

p.6: p.4: Butterfly Map, comments & opinions, 3 of 3

Source and date not given; probably Pacific Marine Review in 1919. Quotation about Mercator is from New York Herald, 1910-01-02 (via Google). --GK
p.7: Errors of Mercator's Chart Graphically Shown

p.8: Elements of the Butterfly Map

PS by GK: after all those laudatory blurbs above, including the two by Goode, I have to wonder why the Cahill map was sideswiped and left for dead. My suspicion is that Goode was the enemy of the best. Building a better mousetrap does not always succeed; and the second mouse sometimes gets the cheese.

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