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Cahill Butterfly Map 1909
Cahill 1909
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Cahill-Keyes M-layout world map silhouette including Antarctica

Cahill-Keyes 1975

2012-03-15: This brief update shows improved versions of the Cahill-Keyes 5º globe; and the digital Cahill-Keyes Multi-scale Megamap, now in Beta-2.

Fig. 1: A second prototype edition of the Cahill-Keyes 5º globe, as designed by myself and produced by Joe Roubal. The earlier version could be dismantled or reassembled into its 8 component octants, but had a less satisfactory glossy finish.
Photo by Kim Keeble.
Cahill-Keyes 5-degree globe

Fig. 2: Closeup showing globe's legend (Scroll to right for complete image.)
 Photo by Kim Keeble.
Cahill-Keyes 5-degree globe, showing legend  

Fig. 2a: Closeup detail, of globe's legend. Also, every 5º parallel and meridian is numbered, with repeats at 45º intervals.

Fig. 2b: Closeup detail of the eight octants' numbering, in yellow triangles, repeated at each of an octant's three vertexes: two Equatorial, one Polar.

Closeup detail, of globe's legend.


Fig. 3: Below is only a very small jpeg of the Cahill-Keyes Multi-scale Megamap, Beta-2. Remember that the original is a 40 mb pdf or odg file,, 40 m x 20 m. Mary Jo Graça has augmented her Perl and OpenOffice.org programs to make the following improvements:
  • Digital (not cut-paste) incorporation of reunified Antarctica, at South America octant;
  • Similarly, seven digital "extension tabs" to rejoin split ends of Greenland, Iceland, Russian Far East, Melville Island, Kerguelen, Maldives, and Gaudalcanal;
  • Major lakes and seas added, plus up-to-date national borders, both thanks to Duncan Webb, who is also preparing a Cahill-Keyes World Political wall map, in color, labeled with countries and capitals.
Full details, program scripts, specifications, and larger versions will be posted on my website in due course. Meanwhile, I am also posting herewith two pdf versions of the Beta-2, which are ipso facto far sharper than the jpeg below:
It is far preferable to view the pdf's with a Chrome browser. Note that the pdf's have no jaggies in print (nor onscreen, at least in Chrome), and that the one-degree geocells are fully visible.
Cahill-Keyes Multi-scale Megamap Beta-2, preview jpeg

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