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Cahill Butterfly Map 1909

Cahill-Keyes M-layout world map silhouette including Antarctica
Cahill 1909
Cahill-Keyes 1975

Cahill-Keyes World Map by Others
A gallery of 9 different versions: published, and drafts in progress

For comparison, these images — whose originals vary from 10 inches to 132 feet — are each resized to ca. 35 cm long (14"), ca. 1:115 million, more or less, depending on your monitor's size and resolution. (I selected a setting of 960 pixels in a 965 pixel frame, so as to show the entire world span on a screen.) Until I make a slide show, you may want to open each world map in a separate tab, then click from one to the next to appreciate their variations at a glance. There are also three extra frames at the end showing detail close-ups of selected map areas.

1) [Prequel: original hand-drawn design by Gene Keyes, 1975.]

Cahill-Keyes original

2) Beta-1 computer graphic at , programmed by Mary Jo Graça, 2011; layout by gk. Original size 40 long (132'), at 1:1.000,000.

Cahill-Keyes, Beta-1

Cahill-Keyes in New York Times

4) Beta-2 computer graphic at 1º programmed by Mary Jo Graça, 2012, with re-united Antarctica.
Lakes and updated borders by Duncan Webb.
This is now the basic chassis of the Cahill-Keyes World Map at any scale from 1/1,000,000, as well as larger or smaller.

Beta-2 Cahill-Keyes

5) The first published Cahill-Keyes World Political wall map, by Duncan Webb, 2014-02, at 1/27,000,000, and 61" (156 cm) long.

Cahill-Keyes, Duncan Webb wall map

Other drafts pending


6) Joe Roubal: 1º satellite composite,
a jpeg screenshot, reduced from a 1,374 MB 1/10 million tiff, 4 m (13') long:
counterpart of his award-winning Cahill-Keyes 1º globe.

(This superb incomplete draft is a close approximation of the Cahill-Keyes Octant Graticule,
but lacking its "supple zone" adjustments to prevent kinks at the octant joints.)

Cahill-Keyes, by Roubal, 1/10m


7) An early visualization by WorldsForge Private Limited for gaming purposes. Reduced from a 108 cm (42") draft, 1/37,000,000.
©2013, WorldsForge Private Limited; used by permission. http://www.worldsforge.com

Cahill-Keyes by WorldsForge

Cahill-Keyes D3 by Spinielli


9) Another D3 by Spinielli, in blue silhouette, for potential use as a TV news anchor's backdrop:

Cahil-Keyes, D3 by Spinielli, blue version

Detail close-ups from three of the above maps: Webb; Roubal; and WorldsForge Private Limited

 Detail: screenshot cuts from Duncan Webb wall map (#5 abpve), at 1/27,000,000, showing West Africa and Antarctica.

Duncan Webb, W. AfricaWebb, Antarctica

 Detail: excerpts from Joe Roubal draft map (#6 above), at 1/10,000,000, showing Canadian Maritimes, and Colombia and Panama.

Cahill-Keyes Roubal Maritimes         Cahill-Keyes Roubal Colombia

 Detail: excerpts from WorldsForge Private Limited draft map (#7 above), at 1/37,000,000: Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.
©2013, WorldsForge Private Limited; used by permission. http://www.worldsforge.com

WorldsForge S.E. Asia       WorldsForge, Caribbean