Beautifully printed, extraordinary details. Watch the video tour for more. View a jpg miniature of the whole map.

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What is unique about this map?

Being able to think clearly and accurately about our planet-wide interconnectedness has never been more important. A Cahill-Keyes world map makes that easier. Other world maps have their own attractions, but are well-known for their distortions. Cahill-Keyes is a great map to help you understand those distortions and avoid making misleading assumptions about the world as a whole.

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Continuing Cahill’s goal:

“... to accustom the sub-conscious mind of the next generation to a planetary rather than the parochial outlook and its intolerant arrogance, which today, in many lands, so threatens the peace of the world.” — 1939

Cahill-Keyes on the web

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    The dimensions of this 1:27 million World Political Wall Map are 1,560 mm x 750 mm ≈ 61” x 29”. For details of the construction of this projection and its creators, see Gene Keyes and BJS Cahill.

    From the family of BJS Cahill

    This map has received kind support from the family of BJS Cahill:
    “As descendents of the inventor of the “Butterfly Map” we think it is wonderful that Gene Keyes has worked so hard to bring it to life in such a dramatic new version. The Cahill-Keyes map represents a significant milestone in cartography and we celebrate its availability as a poster to cartographers, map enthusiasts and the world at large.”


    The map is lithographically printed at high resolution. The paper is poster weight (170gsm) and will benefit from mounting on Gatorboard or similar.

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