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Helpful Hints for my Next Life
Welcome back to earth; I presume we are still in the 21st century. These are some things you learned in your previous life when your name was Gene Keyes. I am giving you a headstart on them so that you don't have to spend years and years of re-learning.

How to Eat a Watermelon

Here is the way you liked to do it; you called it "Filet Melón" or "Best Bite first and last".
  1. Make a round slice. (This relates to all the inner slices; you can figure out the end pieces for yourself.)
  2. Put the round slice on a dinner plate, and have a paring knife and fork at hand. Cut the slice in half.
  3. Cut off the rind.
  4. At the center of each half-slice, cut out a semi-circle (about half the size of your palm: the outer border is just before the seeds begin.
  5. This is the "Best Bite", or the "Filet" piece. Cut it in half.
  6. If you are sharing a half with someone, each will have two "Best Bites". Otherwise, you have four.
  7. Eat one (or two) of your "Best Bites", saving one or two for last.
  8. Eat the rest of the watermelon, slicing it into bite-size pieces with the knife and fork, working from the outer edge inward.
  9. The melon is least tasty at the periphery,and improves as you approach the middle, till you reach the small pre-cut "Best Bite" at the very center.
  10. You have now gotten the "Best Bite" at the very outset of the melon experience, and a final "Best Bite" to chase any mediocre-tasting middle-range portions.

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