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Cahill Butterfly Map 1909

Cahill-Keyes M-layout world map silhouette including Antarctica
Cahill 1909
Cahill-Keyes 1975

Cahill-Keyes Computer-Wallpaper Map in a Starry Backdrop
Unpublished draft by Duncan Webb, 2013-08-22; uploaded to GK Website 2017-01-27

I've always wanted to set my Cahill-Keyes map in a galactic background (e.g., my original 1975 version), and in 2013, I asked Duncan Webb if he could produce something of the sort. To humor me, he sent the map presented here. But he himself did not like it, and did not want me to publish it. At the time, he had hoped to develop and perfect other versions, such as the South Pacific layout here; different languages and content; etc. Until now I abided by his insistence.

However, since June 2014 he has been incommunicado, perhaps even deceased. I did not want that lovely starry map to go to waste, and for several months have been using it as a wallpaper on my 17" laptop. Now I am offering it here for that or any other decorative purpose. You can download the jpeg below, and follow the instructions on your computer to make it a desktop wallpaper. (See YouTube, "How to full size a picture as your wallpaper window 7".

This full-size original file is 242 kb, 1,200 x 1,900 px, 42 x 68 cm. (17 x 27 "). Or, if desired, click here to open a 54% version in a separate window, and then download.

To see entire image at half size, click inside once. To restore full size, click inside twice.
Cahill-Keyes World Map by Duncan Webb in starry background
Spaceship Earth is getting fuller, Buckminster. — Pat Paulson

Gene Keyes 2017

Map design and calculations by Gene Keyes;
programming in Perl and Apache OpenOffice Draw by Mary Jo Graça;
topography and background by Duncan Webb.