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Cahill Butterfly Map 1909

Cahill-Keyes M-layout world map silhouette including Antarctica
Cahill 1909
Cahill-Keyes 1975

Cahill-Keyes World Map Wall Poster
Duncan Webb version, 2014

61" offset print available; US$65 N. America, US$80 elsewhere; postpaid.

How to order: Contact gene.keyes AT gmail DOT com. I will send an invoice from Paypal. Map(s) will be mailed in a tube. Satisfaction guaranteed, or full refund.

If outside Canada, please include phone number for international shipping paperwork.

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Designed and calculated by Gene Keyes
Programmed in Perl and Apache OpenOffice Draw by Mary Jo Gra├ža
This version compiled and produced by Duncan Webb, 2014

Duncan Webb's Commentary and YouTube

Beautifully printed; extraordinary details. Watch the video tour for more.

What is unique about this map?

Being able to think clearly and accurately about our planet-wide interconnectedness has never been more important. A Cahill-Keyes world map makes that easier. Other world maps have their own attractions, but are well-known for their distortions. Cahill-Keyes is a great map to help you understand those distortions and avoid making misleading assumptions about the world as a whole.

Or watch directly on YouTube, choosing the HD option from the cog at bottom right, for better resolution.

Continuing Cahill's goal:
... to accustom the sub-conscious mind of the next generation to a planetary rather than the parochial outlook and its intolerant arrogance, which today, in many lands, so threatens the peace of the world. —1939

From the family of B.J.S. Cahill:

This map has received kind support from the family of B.J.S. Cahill:
As descendents of the inventor of the "Butterfly Map" we think it is wonderful that Gene Keyes has worked so hard to bring it to life in such a dramatic new version. The Cahill-Keyes map represents a significant milestone in cartography and we celebrate its availability as a poster to cartographers, map enthusiasts and the world at large.


The dimensions of this 1:27 million World Political Wall Map are 1,560 mm x 750 mm [61" x 29"]. The map is lithographically printed at high resolution. The paper is poster weight (170gsm) and will benefit from mounting on Gatorboard or similar.

Cahill-Keyes in the media:

The New York Times

Wired.com (Erratum: projection is not "octal gradient", but "Cahill-Keyes Octant Graticule")

Find out more:

For details of the construction of this projection, and its creators, see Gene Keyes and B.J.S. Cahill.