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Miscellany by Gene Keyes

I. Blog:

Some current-affairs commentary, on a separate page of this website:

A) Politics
2008-02-26 7) Obama's Afghanistan War
2006-08-18 6) Chester Bowles: A Liberal's Quotation on Prophecy
2006-06-08 4) Let the Veepstakes Begin
2006-06-07 3) Draft-Gore '08: A Front-Porch Campaign in Cyberspace?
2006-06-06 2) A Sherman Variant: "If nominated I won't run, but if elected I'll serve."
2006-05-30 1) Eugene McCarthy's 1960 Nomination Speech for Adlai Stevenson

B) Commercial malpractice
2009-07-23 9) The Pornography of Broken Glass
2008-07-19 8) The Identity Theft of Breyers Ice Cream
2006-08-03 5) Call for Anchors' Revolt Against HeadOn Ads

II. Peace Activity Photos

Photo album of GK in Committee for Nonviolent Action events, etc; and draft resistance (1961-1966)

Committee for Nonviolent Action 50th Anniversary Reunion: notes and photos by GK (2010-06)

III. A Few Reviews by GK

Capsule movie reviews by GK (10 films, 1947-2009) (written in 2009)

Review of Moffat [GE] electric range (2009)

Video review of ultra-light 24-lb. electric bike [EBileBC aka "New Easy"] (2016)

IV: Hypercard URLfriend: old stack by GK & MJ

HyperCard: URLfriend 1.0
Update 2013-01-27: Steve Jobs killed off some great Apple technology, including OS 9, and HyperCard. So this piece is obsolete, unless, like me, you still use OS 9 (as a supplement to my PC). Even then, because so many websites are unusable with OS 9 browsers, I only keep URLfriend as an archive and notecard file of 3,500 websites I've visited. But I am leaving it here for anyone to download. It is an early example of my collaboration with Mary Jo Graça: I designed the stack; she programmed it.
URLfriend 1.0 is a versatile HyperCard stack for full-screen note-taking, managing, updating, and opening thousands of URLs in any browser. Works on Macs which can run OS 9. For full details and screenshot, go here.

To download URLfriend 1.0, click icon above. The compressed .sit file is 195 k; the unstuffed URLfriend folder is 520 k, comprising the Stack (163 k), two Read-me's (65 k each), and the Bookman font (228 k). My 3,500 URL cards not included ...

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